AutoAdapt Q Series 

Wheel Chair Lift

By BraunAbility

The Q-Series lift is designed to provide reliable mobility access for wheelchair users worldwide.  It hydraulically folds and unfolds from the rear door of a commercial van and lifts 400 kg loads to floor level. Its split platform design allows easy access for luggage and emergency exit when not in use.   It folds up compactly, yet has the strength to hold the operator and wheelchair passenger without noticeable side sway. The lift supports high loads with a 300% stiffer structure than previous designs.  Finally, the hand pendant is designed with a single up-down rocker switch, enabling intuitive operation.

Designer: Steve Visser

Designer:Yingxiao Max Cao

Engineer: Rob Bettcher

Engineer: Justin Kline

Mechanical Engineer: Haiyan Henry Zhang

Mechanical Engineer: Cong Liao

Mechanical Engineer: Achilleas Bardakas

Sound Engineer: Mark French

Sound Engineer: Pu Wang

Marketing: Mike Alexander

Product Manager: Phill Bell