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Award Winning Designs:


Coffee Table

Design by Steve Visser


Herculano was inspired by ancient furniture and a wooden boat from Herculaneum Italy, which was preserved by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79AD. The furniture was carbonized by the hot mud that buried the city.  Herculano has been flame charred and then pigmented to highlight the woods natural grain and the checking caused by the fire. The top also has an oval stripe that has been etched into the wood with a laser that makes the textural imprint into the surface.

Unique Properties

Herculano is supported by an interlocking leg structure. The legs create an implied shape of an ancient Roman vessel. The delicate legs, are made of resilient wood from Ash trees, which have been harvested due to the Ash bore infestation that has been ravishing local forests. Using this surplus wood for high quality furniture will preserve it for years to come.


Production or Realization technology


The top is 30mm thick with a strong relief underneath to create the look of a thin top, yet with the strength of the thick top. The oval pattern in the top is created by laser etching a photograph of tire treads into the wood. The assembled table is then flamed with a propane torch to char the surface. It is then wire brushed to remove the damaged portions of the wood. Finally, the wood is pickled with a vibrant blue pigment to accentuate the wood grain and the checking caused by the charring process.


Herculano is made of solid ash. The legs are made of three layers of ash, laminated together. The inner layer has the grain running horizontal, while the outside layers have the grain running vertical. This change in direction of the grain provides strength and the visual look that is consistent. The dimensions are 1120 X 690 X 424mm. The interlocking legs ship flat for delivery.

A'Design Award 




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