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Award Winning Designs:


Custom Manufacturing

Design by Steve Visser 

Egypt glasses are a prototype for a new approach to the production of eyewear. They are not mass-produced in stock sizes; instead, they are manufactured at the retail site. Each pair of glasses is produced specifically to match the customer. The customers face is scanned with a laser digitizer and then the frames are cut with a desktop computerized milling machine to exactly match the customers face. The frames are then fitted and adjusted according to the customers’ desires.  They can be stained in any color to match the customer hair, clothing or personal desire.  Then the lenses are cut and assembled and the customer leaves with a new pair of glasses.

OPUS International Eyewear Competition

Award Winner 

1639 entries from 30 countries/ 138 award winners

Egypt Eyewear 
Custom Manufacturing

Customer Benefits

Customers select the exact color, material, and shape they want their glasses to be. Material choices include; wood, plastics, and composites.  Finally, the custom production ensures everyone will have a perfect fit.  


Retailer Benefits

The retailers will profit. The initial investment in equipment is less than the inventory cost of a complete line of eyewear.  Additionally, employees can produce the glasses either while the customer waits or during idle times between customers.


Manufacturer Benefits

Profit is made on each system that is sold. Additional profit is made when the manufacturer is paid a royalty for each design that is manufactured.  This allows the manufacturer to become a provider of a service more than a product.   Finally, the materials for production of the frames are sold to the retailers at a profit.  It will be very difficult for a competitor to imitate the design possibilities and comfortable fit this system provides. 

Egypt drawing

Shades Eyewear 

Whimsical Design

Design by Steve Visser and Scott Shim

OPUS International Eyewear Competition

Award Winner 

1771 entries from 62 counties/ 313 winners

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