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Award Winning Designs:


Roman Style Washbasin

Design by Steve Visser and Hongmin Jin 

The Pompeii washbasin was inspired by an ancient Roman bronze washbasin and stand. The elegant simplicity of the marble vessel is accentuated by a simple stone ball that acts as a drain stopper. By rotating the ball, the water is directed out of the basin within channels that are carved into the profile of the ball. To stop the water, rotate the ball back to the smoothly rounded side down again and the water will collect in the vessel.  The ball style stopper is not only mechanically simple and intuitive, it also allows easy cleaning.   Simply lift the ball off and a remove any debris from the drain screen below.


Pompeii washbasin


The cast metal legs of Pompeii basin include a hollow structure that reference back to a Roman washbasin stand. However, Pompeii’s legs not only provide structure, they also are designed for the plumbing to run through the back leg. This helps create an unbelievably delicate and open structure under a sink that is fully functional structure for modern plumbing needs.

Red Dot International Design Competition


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