Furniture Designs:


River Desk

The River desk celebrates the beautiful nature of wood, enhanced with technology.  The desk is made of two slabs of cherry wood that have live edges facing inward. The meandering gap between is filled with polyester resin to permanently fuse the slabs together.  The fused slabs are then miter cut and glued back together with biscuit joints to create the integral angled leg.  The grain of the wood and live edges flow naturally along the length of both the desktop and the leg, since they started as one piece. The desktop is then attached to two block spacers set upon a stock knockdown cabinet to function as a desk.

The translucent resin between the two slabs creates a gap that allows light to pass between.  The light passing between the slabs accentuates the naturally varied shape between the live edges of the slabs, as well as, casting an intriguing shadow on the floor.

The River desk benefits from cast resin technology, filling the void between the live edges of the slabs and also fills in knots and cracks in the wood. This allows wood that would normally be unacceptable for fine furniture to be used and appreciated for its inherent attractiveness. 

Design - Steve Visser

Photography Brian Powell

Steve and river table square

Furniture Designs:


Herculano Coffee Table

Herculano was inspired by ancient furniture and a wooden boat from Herculanium Italy, which was preserved by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79AD.  The furniture was carbonized by the hot mud that buried the city.  Herculano has been flame charred and then pigmented to highlight the woods natural grain and the checking caused by the fire.  The top also has an oval stripe that has been etched into the wood with a laser making the textural imprint into the surface.
Herculano is made of solid ash. The legs are made of three layers of ash laminated together.  The inner layer has the grain running horizontal, while the outside layers have the grain running vertical. This change in direction of the grain provides strength and the visual look that is consistent.  Herculano’s dimensions are 1120 X 690 X 424mm. The interlocking legs ship flat for delivery.

Furniture Designs:


StoneStalk  Tables

Field corn is grown extensively around the world. The stalk of corn has a shape similar to bamboo but is lighter in weight and not as strong. Corn stalks are normally just chopped up and cast aside after harvest.
The top of these tables is a slab of solid limestone. The contrast of the extremely heavy limestone and the much more temporal cornstalks sparks an interesting public dialog. Will the corn stalks hold up the heavy stone? Does the swaying of the cornstalks mean that hey will fail to hold up the heavy weight they elevate?
The stone represents society and the corn represents people. Society is built upon the support of the people. It is a tentative balance that keeps society going, people which are not all that strong individually, when working together can accomplish things that alone they could not. Our future depends upon individuals working together in union to sustain society. StoneStalk represents the future we can make together; at the same time it represents the fragile nature of human life.

Furniture Designs:


All That Glitters  Pedestal

All that Glitters pedestal is a reflection of society. We build upon the infrastructure inherited from our ancestors. It is our tendency to put a new surface or skin on things, but leave the core structure the same. We restyle products, gentrify neighborhoods, redecorate our homes, and makeover our appearance.
Just like society, All that Glitters is built upon what we inherited from those who came before.  It is made of wood from an abandoned apple orchard.  The dead trees, which had turned gray with age, were salvaged and cut into quarters. Then the flat surfaces of the wood were planed, sanded and finished with Tung oil.  This revealed the beauty of the wood even celebrating the spalting of the wood grain. Spalting is caused by white rot, which decays and softens the structure of the wood, but leaves beautiful white areas with dark rings around them, mixed in with the grain of the wood. The gray exterior surface of the tree was covered with imitation silver leaf.  The silver leaf glitters, showing off the cracks, knots, and even the paths of worms that had eaten the bark off the tree. It creates a shimmer accentuating the irregularity of the surface.
A grid of rebar spanning between the quadrants was used for assembling the pedestal. Rebar is an inexpensive steel rod made of random scrap metal such as old cars and refrigerators. It has a rough texture so that it can be used in cast concrete structures. The rebar was painted with multiple layers of red and blue fingernail polish to create a deep purple luster.  The fingernail polish highlights and reveals the texture of the rebar.  Finally, a thick glass slab is added to make a top surface. The glass reflects the world around it even the reflection of one looking down upon it.

Circle of Life Chair

The Circle of Life chair is designed for use in public spaces. It is has a high back that when placed in a circle creates a semi private space for conversation. The chair provides an opportunity of public spaces to become more humane and inviting. The circle in the base is repeated in the wooden back, these circles represent the life of the human in the wood and the life of society in the concrete. Together they mimic each other, reminding us that life of the individual and life of society are inseparably linked to each other. Similarly, the wood and concrete are joined together to complete the chair.