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Furniture Designs:
River Desk

Coffee Table


The River desk celebrates the beautiful nature of wood, enhanced with technology.  The desk is made of two slabs of cherry wood that have live edges facing inward. The meandering gap between is filled with polyester resin to permanently fuse the slabs together.  The fused slabs are then miter cut and glued back together with biscuit joints to create the integral angled leg.  The grain of the wood and live edges flow naturally along the length of both the desktop and the leg, since they started as one piece. The desktop is then attached to two block spacers set upon a stock knockdown cabinet to function as a desk.

The translucent resin between the two slabs creates a gap that allows light to pass between.  The light passing between the slabs accentuates the naturally varied shape between the live edges of the slabs, as well as, casting an intriguing shadow on the floor.

The River desk benefits from cast resin technology, filling the void between the live edges of the slabs and also fills in knots and cracks in the wood. This allows wood that would normally be unacceptable for fine furniture to be used and appreciated for its inherent attractiveness. 

Design - Steve Visser

Photography Brian Powell

Steve and river table square
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