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Furniture Designs:




Field corn is grown extensively around the world. The stalk of corn has a shape similar to bamboo but is lighter in weight and not as strong. Corn stalks are normally just chopped up and cast aside after harvest.The top of these tables is a slab of solid limestone. The contrast of the extremely heavy limestone and the much more temporal cornstalks sparks an interesting public dialog. Will the corn stalks hold up the heavy stone? Does the swaying of the cornstalks mean that hey will fail to hold up the heavy weight they elevate?The stone represents society and the corn represents people. Society is built upon the support of the people. It is a tentative balance that keeps society going, people which are not all that strong individually, when working together can accomplish things that alone they could not. Our future depends upon individuals working together in union to sustain society. StoneStalk represents the future we can make together; at the same time it represents the fragile nature of human life.



Made with OsageOrange and Indiana Corn Stalks.  The bench is a large live edge slab of wood.

Design - Steve Visser

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