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Fair Trade Design:

3 Horned Trivet

Handmade in Nepal

The Three Horned Trivet was designed by Steve and Sari Visser while designers in residence in Nepal.  It was inspired by a wooden trivet from Finland.  The Spiral shaped sections are reminiscent of ancient Etruscan motifs as well as having a horn similar to the horn of the white rhino in Southern Nepal.  The new design is made of hand formed felt, produced by the Association of Craft Producers in Nepal.  This organization provides; training, opportunities, quality control, marketing and distribution for craft producers in Nepal.


The Three Horned Trivet is made to be used either interlocked for use under a single pan, or can be separated and used individually for up to three pans, or grouped together for a larger or longer serving dish.  The wool is felted together permanently and can be washed with water if it becomes soiled.  Contact ACP in Nepal for distribution rights in your country. 

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Design Process

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