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Furniture Designs:


All That Glitters


All that Glitters pedestal is a reflection of society. We build upon the infrastructure inherited from our ancestors. It is our tendency to put a new surface or skin on things, but leave the core structure the same. We restyle products, gentrify neighborhoods, redecorate our homes, and makeover our appearance.Just like society, All that Glitters is built upon what we inherited from those who came before.  It is made of wood from an abandoned apple orchard.  The dead trees, which had turned gray with age, were salvaged and cut into quarters. Then the flat surfaces of the wood were planed, sanded and finished with Tung oil.  This revealed the beauty of the wood even celebrating the spalting of the wood grain. Spalting is caused by white rot, which decays and softens the structure of the wood, but leaves beautiful white areas with dark rings around them, mixed in with the grain of the wood. The gray exterior surface of the tree was covered with imitation silver leaf.  The silver leaf glitters, showing off the cracks, knots, and even the paths of worms that had eaten the bark off the tree. It creates a shimmer accentuating the irregularity of the surface.A grid of rebar spanning between the quadrants was used for assembling the pedestal. Rebar is an inexpensive steel rod made of random scrap metal such as old cars and refrigerators. It has a rough texture so that it can be used in cast concrete structures. The rebar was painted with multiple layers of red and blue fingernail polish to create a deep purple luster.  The fingernail polish highlights and reveals the texture of the rebar.  Finally, a thick glass slab is added to make a top surface. The glass reflects the world around it even the reflection of one looking down upon it.

Design - Steve Visser 

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