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Award Winning Designs:



Borrow Lend Unite

Design by Steve Visser and Scott Shim

How BLU Networks


The owner of a BLU system simply needs to connect a phone line to it. Once connected BLU quietly calls all of the other BLU machines in your neighborhood. It then builds a database of all of the items you neighbors are willing to lend. It uses digital technology to build each owners custom database.


In the diagram to the right you can see how BLU networks. House “A” has a BLU system that connects all the neighbors “D”, “C”, and “E” who also have BLU systems. However it does not connect to house “B” because it is too far away. In this way each system creates a unique database of only the closest BLU members. The closeness of each owner’s network will be determined by the density of BLU owners. For example in New York a persons BLU network might all be in one building. On the other hand in rural locations a network might cover 50 miles.


50th Annual International Design Competition:

I.D. Magazine

Honorable Mention

over 2000 entries/159 selected

Taiwan International Design Competition:

Creating a Digital Culture Design

Award of Excellence (356 entries from 25 countries/ 20 selected)

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